Gold and silver are sound money as they protect the purchasing power of holders even as paper money is persistently debased by central bank over-printing.  National Numismatic Associates offers institutional and high net worth individuals the industry’s most competitive pricing for high volume purchases.

Do you want gold to protect your purchasing power, but are afraid you can’t afford it? Physical Bullion Group can help. We offer retail investors physical bullion, and our focus is on affordability.

Our inventory includes 1 gram pure gold coins and bars, or 1 ounce pure silver coins. We typically offer bullion products from official sovereign mints, including the US Mint and Canadian Mint, but we also carry rounds from private mints.

We wholeheartedly believe that possession is 100% ownership, and only physical bullion provides full protection against fiat currency debasement and monetary disorder.  This is true whether the entity is a household or an institutional fund with billions under management.

Contact us today to get started on safeguarding your assets, whether your fund desires diversification or your household is saving for a rainy day.  Ask for Greg the Gold Guy, and he will send you on your journey to becoming your own central bank, with full control of your financial future.


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