Physical Bullion Group Products

These bullion products are more affordable, as they are either silver coins or smaller gold coins and bars.  Purity, metallic value, and brilliance are not sacrificed and hence, provide the same purchasing power protection as larger denomination gold coins.  Physical Bullion Group addresses retail investors who wish to buy smaller quantities as they may not have the liquidity to make larger volume purchases.

One Troy Ounce Silver US Eagle


One Troy Ounce Silver Canadian Maple Leaf


One gram gold Canadian Maple Leaf, from the official Canadian Mint


One gram gold Pamp Suisse bar


One gram gold Valcambi Suisse bar

Prices fluctuate based on spot prices and premiums.  Market hours are non-holiday weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern time.

Contact us to get updated prices in real-time.


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