“Money is gold, and nothing else.” – JP Morgan, 1912

Why should institutional and retail investors own physical precious metals?  Because throughout history, experiments in fiat currency (paper money un-backed by gold) always end in tears.  Governments run budget deficits, and without gold as an anchor, central banks will continue to debase their sovereign currencies and print their way into insolvency.

Hence, the only way to protect one’s purchasing power is to own tangible assets which cannot be created out of thin air.  Hard assets maintain their store of value even as paper currencies are pervasively devalued by over-printing.

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Many institutions, wealth funds, family offices and high net worth individuals understand currency debasement, so they will make large purchases as they hedge their portfolios.  National Numismatic Associates addresses these high volume investors by offering the industry’s most competitive pricing structures.  Click on National Numismatic Associates to learn more about our offerings.

On the other end of the net worth spectrum, most American household budgets are stretched, so Physical Bullion Group addresses that market by offering more affordable options, either silver products or smaller denomination gold products in smaller quantities.  Dollar-cost averaging yields the best results for portfolio diversification, and long-term protection of purchasing power.  Click on Physical Bullion Group to learn more about our offerings.

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