“Gregory has a passion for gold and silver!  He introduced me to the
gold and silver markets and has been a wonderful resource.   I have just
started to invest in silver and plan to invest in gold as well!  I look
forward to working more with Gregory in the future.” – Ken Domuczicz, MD, MPH, Medical Director at US Acute Care

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“I am new to the world of precious metals and Greg made the process easy.  He got me the best price on the market and took care of the details.  My product came soon after I made payment and it was exactly what I ordered.  I highly recommend Greg if you’re thinking of investing in precious metals or if you’ve been buying them for years.  You won’t get better service.” –  Linda DiBella, Functional Health Advisor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University School of Medicine

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“Gold or silver is a currency that has been around for thousands of years.  It should not be harder then dealing with dollar bills or coins.  Buying from Greg was as easy as buying donuts at a donut shop.  His knowledge of currency is very extensive.  He is the guy I will be going to for bitcoin too!” – Dagan Martinez-Vargas, Field Director & Partner

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“Greg is passionate about silver and gold and about helping people invest wisely.  I just started with silver and plan to invest in gold soon. He is very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you, Greg!” – Dr. Chrys Ghiraldini, Sacred Health Journey

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“I’ve invested in precious metals for many years using several buying options.  After dealing with Greg, I will no longer feel the need to shop around.  Greg has always given me the best value and advice when purchasing precious metals.  He often shows the comparison pricing on other platforms.  I would definitely recommend Greg as a trusted resource in precious metals investing.” – Ed Basler

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“Gregory helped me tremendously with advice on precious metals, as well as general knowledge on directions/options that would best fit my specific needs.  In very little time he helped me understand a great deal more about future planning, as well as investments.  He provided several other very good sources to help me grow my understanding.

I trust and appreciate his help!” – David Starkey, Doctor of Chiropractor at Austin Total Healthcare

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“I have known Greg over 40 years from when I coached him in Little League. He was an exceptional young man.  When we reconnected decades later I was not surprised that he was a successful and savvy investor.  I am all about financial sovereignty however I never trusted anyone enough to invest in precious metals before.  I became a client of Greg’s and have purchased from NNA multiple times.  Investing with Greg and NNA is simple and easy with no games, gimmicks or fine print.  Greg’s insight keeps me updated on the investment world.  I appreciate his insight and above all his honesty and integrity give me the confidence to diversify in areas that I was uneducated and unsure of.” – James Sinnott, Start-up Specialist, Investor & Entrepreneur

“Best prices available, quality products, great service and shipping is included.  I’ve dealt with a lot of silver dealers but none as good as Greg and NNA.” – John Patterson, Owner of Patterson Enterprises

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“I have placed multiple PM orders with Greg and NNA and every time the service has been prompt, accurate, discreet and without a hitch.  Greg’s timely short commentaries on the PM market and potential inflection points are always welcome and make his service high-touch but not spammy.  I wish I could say that about other PM sellers.  I first bought from Greg after personally meeting him at several meetups and noticing his knowledge of the financial and metals markets as well as his integrity and forthrightness in discussions.  Greg is competent and discreet and I have been a satisfied customer since 2013.” – Behfar Bastani, Patent Engineer at Amazon.com

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“Excellent price!   Thank you. – Dave Ireland, Founder and President, IYD Inc.

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“I texted Greg on a Saturday, inquiring about purchasing gold, about a year after we met at a [Bitcoin] conference in Austin, TX.  He called me back the same day.  During the subsequent hour long conversation, Greg answered all my questions and advised me on which coins to buy, relative to the pros and cons of each, and my personal investment goals.  We agreed on the order and he placed it on the strength of my word to commit to the transaction.  The next Tuesday I sent him a check.  Eight days later, on a Wednesday, the gold arrived, exactly as ordered.  I was very pleased with this transaction and would recommend Greg to others seeking to invest in gold.” – Claire Taylor, Crypto-currency Investor

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“Greg is extremely knowledgeable about the markets of gold and silver.  He has helped me a lot on my decisions on purchasing precious metals.  Any questions I had he answered without hesitation, which tells me he knows what he is talking about.  I am grateful that Greg is a part of mine & my families’ lives.  If he recommended to buy gold or silver, and sent you here, you should pull the trigger.  You won’t regret it.

Greg is your man for Gold, Silver, & Crypto!” – Cody Ingland, Entrepreneur

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“Gregory is highly knowledgeable concerning  the world economy, particularly the history of the rise and fall of the global monetary system.  He shares his visionary perspective on viable investments, even willing to coach naive beginners along the way.   He has vast experience and clear comprehension of the intrinsic worth of investment planning, and sees the necessity for establishing personal security, particularly in light of our volatile world banking system.   Recognizing the unstable monetary interdependency between  super powers as a visible reflection of history, he knows the patterned  predictability of global instability.   Gold and silver are the underpinnings of security, and offer the only tangible investment strategy in the system.  He knows the true consequences of trillion dollar deficits and the  counterproductive absurdity of the continuation of printing paper money as the dollar continues to lose its value.

I’m a novice investor, and learned where to begin by listening to Greg.  He has remarkable vision, integrity and the brilliant skill of articulation, offering guidance for anyone seeking financial security through investing in precious metals.” – Dorene Bedwell, English Writing Tutor
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“Greg has integrity and is competent in his vast knowledge of precious metals and the markets that influence it.  I appreciate who he is and I value his friendship.  If you need precious metals, Greg is the man!

My son graduated on Wednesday from high school.  He’s taking his graduation money and is opening his own Coinbase account to start his Bitcoin accumulation!  You’ve already impacted his future!

You’re the freaking man Greg.  You associate with billionaires and millioinaires, and you are a player in the game.  I’ve been soaking up crypto knowledge like crazy.  People aren’t paying attention.  Wealth is being created as we speak.  I bought my first Bitcoin May 1, 2019, and as of May 31, I reached my goal of having 1 whole Bitcoin!  My sister bought her first Bitcoin after I saw her Wednesday night.  I sent her the Coinbase app.  She registered and bought 10 Bitcoin. 

You’re a good man and a good friend, Greg. One day I will be a multi multi millionaire, and you will have played a huge part!!” – Albert Maglines,
50K Club Founder

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“Greg is very informative and professional.  He is confident about the value and stability of silver and gold.  I love the mint quality and the fact that there’s a female goddess imprinted on one of them.  Thumbs up!” – Kristi Holthouser, High School Art Teacher

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“I purchased silver from Greg.  He really knows his metals, and pays close attention to all markets, offering comparisons over the history of them vs other investments.  He knows quite a bit about crypto currencies as well.  Thank you for all your assistance.” – Adam Borger, Application Sales Executive at Oracle

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“Greg is trustworthy and makes it easy to invest in gold and silver.  The process was easy and quick, and then you have the physical product.  Since Greg is so knowledgeable I can know that I’m getting the best deal from the most reliable source.  I trust him almost as much as my hair stylist.”  – L. R., Ashiatsu Massage Therapist

“If you’ve ever considered purchasing Precious Metals you should think Greg Nguyen from National Numismatic Associates as a primary source.

He’s been a friend first and never pushed, but encouraged us & always sent notices when it’s a good time to buy.  If you want information on how money works, Greg is an invaluable source.  His knowledge & integrity has been key in working with him over the years.  Sincerely, T.H.”  T. H. – Football Coach

“This was my first experience diving into the precious metals arena for investments with National Numismatic Associates!  Greg is extremely knowledgeable & helped to make the first purchase easy & smooth!  The coins are exactly what Greg described & I’m very happy with my purchase!  I will continue to purchase through Greg & will be referring anyone to him who would be interested in expanding their investment portfolio!  Thanks again Greg!” – Aaron Noriega,  Probation Officer at Santa Clara County Probation Department

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“I have been investing since my late 20’s in everything from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s etc.  The only thing I have not invested in was precious metals such as gold and silver.  The reason I haven’t done this is because I did not know who to turn to locally to get advice on the 4 W’s + H (who,what,when, why and how).  That was until I met Gregory Nguyen (Greg the gold guy). Greg has impressed me with his detailed knowledge of precious metals and where and how to get them.  Greg went as far to tell me the amounts of each metal I should get and gave me the time to purchase the metals at the best price.  Greg made it simple and easy to purchase these metals, which now I have in my portfolio (meaning that I have the actual metal in my hands).  Greg said that he will keep me up to date on the precious metals market and let me know when the best time again to purchase.  Get with Greg, you will not be disappointed.”  – Bob Sprague, Director at Legal Shield

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“Thanks so much Greg, for educating me on the importance of buying precious metals like silver.  I have added it to my portfolio for retirement.  Thanks for the education and making it so easy.” – Camille Tyler, Camille Tyler Coaching, Online Marketing Coach

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“Although I have some limited experience with precious metals, Greg has been an invaluable source of information and advice on the subject.  As the other testimonials say, he educates, never really pushing.  I recently made my first ever silver purchase through Greg, and have no complaints.  I would recommend Greg to friends!” – George Pazdral, Owner of Pazdral Programming, LLC

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“Hi Greg, Just a few words to let you [know] I appreciate your total willingness to help me in any way you can. And that often includes having the patience of Jobe.  Thank you for taking such good care of me & my investment needs.
Aloha my friend, Diana Uyematsu” – Diana Uyematsu, Sales Counselor at Mililani Group

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“Greg is chock full of incredible information and expanded my mind when it came to our economy and money.  He sat down with me and freely gave me so much information that not only changed the way I saw money in this world, but made complete sense as well.  He is full of useful information and resources, and you can tell he really just wants to enlighten people and help clear out some of the things society has brainwashed us with.” – Victoria T., JD, Attorney

“They operate “old school”.  I placed my order over the phone.  Outstanding price.  Got my purchase in just over a week.  The coins are exactly as described.  No problems, no hassle, no issues.  Able to touch base with purchasing point of contact even after sale.  Very knowledgeable!  Great buying experience.” – Cody Allerkamp, Patriot Missile System Electronics, US Army

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“Greg introduced me to NNA.  It really makes a difference who you do business with, and NNA is first class!  I was disposing of some inherited gold coins.  I inventoried them as British half-Sovereigns, when in fact they were British Sovereigns.  I just got it wrong.  The Sovereign has a bit less than twice as much gold content as the half-Sovereign, but the coins are so similar in size and markings that I wonder how many Sovereigns were passed in English pubs to pay half-sovereign bar bills?  NNA partners with Dillon Gage as their buyer, so it was Dillon Gage who properly inventoried the coins, resulting in a correction of about $6,000 in my favor.  After I received their statement, I got out my digital caliper and sure enough, these were Sovereigns!  Fortunately, I was dealing with Tom Cloud and his team at NNA, and they have selected an honest an accurate partner in Dillon Gage.  You can bet that NNA have my business from here on!” — Paul West, Director of Hardware Engineering at Penguin Computing, Inc.

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“My first metals purchase through Greg from National Numismatic Associates was a very smooth process, with minimal effort on my end.  Greg gave me a call when the metal I was interested in had dipped in price, and I was able to lock in a purchase at a great price.  After sending a check to NNA, I received my purchase shortly after.” – Evan Mullen, Automation Engineer at IPsoft

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“I’m new at this numismatic investments.  I was introduced to Greg by my financial advisor and opened a whole new world for me!  Gold and silver I can hold in my hands!  Greg is always letting me know when to buy to get great deals and diversify my portfolio.  He is my eyes and ears when it comes to precious metals, so he has my greatest trust!” – Earl Kawaguchi, Electrical Inspector at City and County of Honolulu

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“I was introduced to precious metals many years ago, and never did anything regarding it.  About 6 years ago my long time friend, Greg asked if I owned any gold or silver?  I knew that Greg was well educated in this market, but I did not think it was something for me.  After many talks with him, and him educating me with the pros of physical gold and silver, I purchased some silver.  Greg was always there to help every step of the way.  I have purchased silver with Greg a few times now, and will continue.  I would not trust anyone else in this market, or any financial markets in the future.  Greg is the “go to” person for straight talk and no pressure sales about your financial options.” – Sandi Frahm, Entrepreneur, Dance Instructor

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“I met Greg through a business networking group here in  Austin and turns out we live in the same neighborhood.  It only takes one conversation with Greg to realize he’s a pretty normal dude you can have a down-to-earth conversation with, but he’s also a geek when it comes to gold-silver-crypto.  He has an educational approach and is definitely no-pressure.  He’s helped me with silver and he’s still educating me on crypto.  If you have any questions, just ask him. He’ll drop some knowledge on you.

Greg will educate you in gold-silver-crypto and help you make a good decision that’s right for you.” – Joel Thurman at Farmers Insurance

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“I’m new to the investing world and was embarking on the different ways to have a diversified portfolio.  I remember Greg once mentioning how gold and silver were always a solid investment.  So I contacted Greg and asked about how to purchase silver.  I didn’t realize it would so easy.  He was professional and responsive.  And most importantly, he provided a quality product at the best price!!  Within only a matter of days of my initial inquiry, I am now a proud investor in the silver market!” – Paula Gonzales, Employee Relations Specialist at US Forest Service
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“I’ve been a customer and friend of Greg for several years.  His passion for precious metals is unmatched.  He does a great job of keeping his clients up-to-date on the latest information and news impacting the precious metals market.  Greg works with NNA and I’ve found that purchasing precious metals from NNA is easy.  NNA usually has the lowest prices on the market.  I purchased several times from NNA and they treat their clients professionally.

I would totally recommend purchasing from Greg and NNA!” – Gabriel N., CPA, MBA

“Greg recently helped us to find a local buyer for some gold coins we wanted to exchange.  He is very honest, trustworthy and reliable and found a trustworthy person for the exchange.  He went over and above to help us get the transaction complete. Thanks Greg!” – T. F., Austin, TX

“As a fellow gold and silver trader (mainly on the buy side) I have sold Greg bullion coins on numerous occasions without the slightest problem.  I have the highest level of trust in Greg and I refer my clients, who wish to invest in precious metals, to him on a regular basis.  If you’re considering investing in gold or silver, Greg Nguyen is the man to see.” – Jeff Sargent, Owner of Frontier Metals and Crypto-currency Investor

“I’m not that knowledgeable about alternative assets, but between my pension plan, IRA, stocks and bonds, life insurance policies, and real estate, Greg helped me diversify my portfolio with physical precious metals.” – M.N., Retiree

“I purchased some precious metals through Greg from National Numismatic Associates and they arrived in timely fashion – within 2 weeks of my purchase. The price was reasonable and lower than other dealers I looked at.  Greg explained to me the value of owning some precious metals in our portfolios as a hedge.  I’m a sophisticated investor who owns real estate and equities, and Greg helped me diversify my assets.  The coins were beautiful and I recommend getting educated about physical gold and silver and diversifying your portfolio with these shiny assets. ” – Elizabeth W., Senior Technology Consultant

“Getting started in precious metals was something I’d be ‘meaning to do’ for years.  Greg answered all my questions and gave great advice without feeling like a pushy salesperson.  I appreciate how simple the transaction was, and all the extra communication along the way to ensure I know what was going on with my order at any point in time.  I’ll definitely do business with Greg again.” – Chris M., Vice President, Sales

“NNA has some the lowest pricing among precious metals dealers.  Shipping fees and insurance are free if you buy the minimum quantity, which saves even more dollars.  NNA will also pay the highest premiums over spot price when clients liquidate.  Tom, Kathleen and Dan are super helpful in explaining the different products and pricing, and are very professional and friendly.  I became a client when I discovered their attractive prices and highly recommend you give NNA an opportunity for your business.  You won’t be disappointed.” – Gregory Nguyen, Co-Founder, Crypto Hedge Fund Manager

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